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Concomitant use of ginseng and glans (cancer)

Hello, I have a question, if you can recommend the use of glossy gloss and ginseng right at the same time. Thanks for your reply.

Sincerely, Jan V.

Dear Mr. Jane!

Your query was a bit difficult for me and I had to ask the relevant authorities in the TČM research to answer it. I have confirmed my original view that from the point of view of common (ie scientific) pharmacology, there is no interference between ginseng and glossy barriers.

Ginseng and glossy can be combined without any problems

Preparations containing a mixture of ginseng and glans have no good reputation. This does not mean that ginseng and glossy glitter can not be combined - on the contrary, their present use is often very desirable. Typically, it is necessary for many different types of cancer , where gloss is recommended to fight the tumor itself , while ginseng helps regenerate the immune system damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy that doctors put on most cancers. In these cases, you will do best if you do not rely on mixed formulations, but you will get particularly high-quality ginseng and especially glossy cork (best fruiting powder, spice preparations and mycelium are less effective). You can take them at the same time.

Respect your doctor MUDr. and doctors

Finally, I would like to point out that in the treatment of specific illness you must always consult with MUDr. doctor. Tell him also about his intention to use TČM plants. Although the medicinal plants of TČM are not part of our regular curriculum, the more enlightened doctors are willing to supplement their expertise. Regarding the physicians of the TCM, those with the difficulty of their studies are equated with the doctors of MUDr., But taxonomically, they rank among the magicians - if you find a real doctor of TČM and you entrust to his care, you have to obey his instructions no matter what I say and science in general .


Thank you for the reaction. I've tried it twice and I'm not having trouble. Personally, I would be interested in some people's experience with a glossy eye. I would also like to welcome a tip to a TCM expert with us, who I could consult with. Sincerely, JV

Hello again. Glamor is strange in that you do not feel its effect subjectively. The experience is mainly due to patients who have been able to overcome malignant cancer due to gloss. We have many known cases such as: HER2 + breast cancer: Medicinal fungi and ginseng , continued: HER2 + breast cancer 2: Other effective plants and fungi , HER2 + breast cancer 3 . This patient has overcome the worst stage of HER2 positive breast cancer and is still doing well (kissing)

As for the TCM centers, I will try to find out ...


Hello. The only thing to do with oncology is: "Eat whatever you want to do if you think it will help you, but the studies have not proven this, and it is true that some preparations can damage your health if it is unfortunate ..." But when he asks a doctor what to do with him ... he meets with utter skepticism, which does not really make a person feel better. Sincerely, Jan V.

As the amazing John Virapen writes, 80% of researchers in biomedicine are paid by pharmaceutical corporations. Of course, in their studies, they will not prove the effectiveness of what their chlebodarníci do not own. These biomedical sophists naturally ignore a priori. If studies from 20% of independent scientists appear, they are ignored or questioned. Only traditional means in this environment have a chance to scientifically defend. Oncologists are also just people and stand here as individuals against organized falsification of scientific information.

If today's science was concerned with natural medicines, we might have hundreds of effective newly discovered cheap cancer drugs. But that's not the case. The most effective thing we know for the time being in the nature of cancer is what our ancestors have known - shiny gloss and other anti-cancerous sponges . Glossy glamor is definitely one of the drugs whose cancer potential can not be doubted. Unlike cytostatics, it is harmless and in most cases the patient's outlook improves significantly.

I have to say that the skepticism of oncologists I understand to some extent. In their practice, oncologists rarely encounter patients trying to study their subjects lightly, and then frustrated with their attempt to intervene in therapy without being a fraction of the knowledge and experience of a professional oncologist. The despair that a part of the racist is forfeiting is also being abused by a number of cheaters - for example, the case of amygdalin / laetril / vitamin-B17 , which I guarantee as a physiologist that it does not work and can not work (except as a patient's placebo loyalty). Metabolic arguments about the alleged efficacy of amygdalin are totally absent.

In conclusion, I would just like to point out that although Traditional Chinese medicine itself is a paravedical discipline, and therefore from our point of view "alternative", anti-cancerous fungi are already relatively well researched and from the point of view of our medicine, they are lege artis means of treating cancer in parallel with chemotherapy radiotherapy.

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