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Breast cancer

Practical Summary: Only traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers traditional recipes in herbal breast cancer treatment. However, known adaptogens also help with regeneration after chemotherapy and irradiation. The two most important herbs are oldenlandie and a bearded beard. The most commonly prescribed herbal blends are the enriched release powder and potion of gold and tree. The article does not duplicate textbook information, but names other important herbs and mixtures according to statistical studies of the current TCM. The most common ingredients of 10 popular potions for breast cancer are aphelion and ginseng. The article also deals with the issue of sufficient dosing of herbs.

Breast cancer is a dangerous malignant tumor that affects not only humans but also other mammalian species (dogs, cats, rodents ...) Malignant growth is the most susceptible mammary epithelium. Because malignant epithelial tumors are referred to as cancer (cancer in the narrow sense of the word), breast cancer is most commonly called breast carcinoma. (This text does not fit the textbook so I will not systematically name the various other possible breast tumors.) The sebaceous epithelium of the mammary gland is susceptible to proliferation because of adult growth it is, of course, capable of growth (proliferation for breastfeeding). While in the past, women of childbearing age often breastfeed often, today, the lifestyle is completely different from what the female organism is evolving.

Breastfeeding of two children

A woman from 12-13 years physiologically expects the possibility of repeated pregnancy. Nothing happens when a partner bundles a couple of years to postpone, but if the pregnancy is not long, the uterine and mammary tissues do not know what to think. It may begin to suffer from a complex of inferiority and proliferation to try to catch up with its potential shortcomings. Unfortunate evolution is the situation of childless 30-year-old women, for obvious reasons, indifferent. Breast cancer, however, occurs also for mothers 30+ when these women are beginning to be more indifferent to evolution than their younger colleagues. Proliferation of the mammary epithelium is controlled by sex hormones - estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, oxytocin and testosterone. Estrogen causes breasts to grow in teenage girls. Testosteroneon the contrary, the proliferation of the mammary gland is blocked. According to susceptibility to distinguish an estrogen in breast cancer type ER + and ER - (cells ER + cancers have estrogen receptors, ER - is lacking). Both hormones (estrogen and testosterone) then induce sexual desire, but in every other way. The cerebral center of sexual desire is created before birth, after the growing kid's glands give the brain a hormonal signal when it's a girl or a boy. For some sections of the population, this prenatal hormonal signal is ambiguous and the baby is born naturally as a homosexual or bisexual one. Progesteroneis another sexual hormone, the function of which is to control the menstrual cycle in women and to signal the female organism of pregnancy. Progesterone causes further breast enlargement during pregnancy as well as changes in breast volume observed by women during the menstrual cycle. Prolactin is also used in the process of preparing for breastfeeding .

Breast feeding

Perhaps the most interesting of sex hormones is oxytocin . This peptide has several functions in the brain and the body, but it is interesting that it is excreted into the blood during breastfeeding by sucking the nipple. Breastfeeding thus maintains the milk gland after delivery for several years, just as long as the baby needs milk. In the past, it was not the exception that my mother was breastfeeding for 3-4 years, and the story of babies breastfeeding under the age of 7 is also not invented. Interestingly, oxytocin is also released into blood by sex excitement and orgasm. It is called the hormone of orgasm. In fact, oxytocin is used in the relationship much earlier, so it should rather be called the hormone of love, sorry, sex pairing. Not only men but also women think about sex from the beginning of falling in love. It can be said that without sexual physiological reactions (redness, nipple erection, etc.), the oxytocin will not be released, and the woman will not fall victim to the man. That's why sex is also the best tumbling stone of the relationship in cases where we are not sure if the counterparty is also loving us.If, on the other hand, we are excited about it, the (not very) clumsy attempt at sex will be welcome and crowned with success. If the sexual harassment attempt is negative, it is obvious that we do not interfere with the partner and the relationship is not possible. Oxytocin was primarily a birth hormone and maternal-child relationship. Only later did he develop the love hormone. And that's why the sexual trigger is a female breast nipple, whose sucking and caressing even during sex helps the release of oxytocin.whose sucking and caressing, even during sex, helps to flush out oxytocin.whose sucking and caressing, even during sex, helps to flush out oxytocin.

Breast self-examination

It is not possible in this short speech to fully celebrate the molecular intelligence of the mammary gland, which is able to turn on at the end of pregnancy at the right time and, after giving birth, excludes colostrum first. In the composition of colostrum, absolute emphasis is placed on defense immunoglobulins. The baby has a unique mechanism in which mummily immunoglobulins from colostrum and milk can be taken intact, in unstressed condition. Even at the molecular level, the mother's hand (pardon, breast) protects the baby from infection while his immune systemmakes the first shy steps and learns to know the surrounding bacteria and viruses. For this reason, little children push a variety of objects into their mouths and even clay - they know the microbiological world around them. In lower mammals, such as cats, even Mum swallows juvenile outbreaks, and so its immune system has direct information on every incipient intestinal infection of kittens. At the very moment when a number of pathogens begin to rise in the digestive tract of kittens, the mum's immune system automatically removes the correct antibody from its library and delivers it in milk in large quantities. The immune reaction, which otherwise lasts for 7-10 days, is shortened by breast milk for 2-3 days, so diarrheal disease of sucking kittens due to maternal protection will in most cases not occur at all. Only when the baby's immune system stops being completely naive,the breasts of the colostrum will be switched to produce more nutritious milk. Nourishing milk is an ideal diet for a child with a high content of all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. The mother also produces milk at the expense of her body - for example, she is a common osteoporosis in nursing cats. Even the molecular beauty of the breast corresponds to the beauty of its macroscopic shape.

The challenge for women to perform breast self-testing on a regular basis (every month) is ubiquitous today. Rather than bulging, the cancer is manifested by pulling the tissue with a typical symptom of a small area of ​​"orange skin". Detailed information on preventive breast self-examination, click the article on .

Treatment and prevention of breast cancer by herbs

It turns out that the general wisdom of scientific medicine of the 20th century that cancer does not take any herbs does not apply. Standard cancer treatment (surgical, cytostatic)the doctors are well managed and this text does not concern her. However, phytotherapeutic options are not so well known. Even when it comes to prevention only, they will provide the herbs with a good service. We also all know the precautionary recommendation of breast self-testing every month and the recommendation to undergo planned pregnancies before getting the planned university diplomas. And with whom? All categories of partners - racing figurines, sophisticated programmers and junkies - have their disadvantages that it is hard to tell who is the worst. You have to listen to the voice of your heart, no choice is wrong enough. The disadvantage of 19-year-old bloody guitarists is that they want them all ... But back to the adapters. Of the herbal options for treatment and prevention of breast cancer, only the TCP regulations are of practical importance.

Breast cancer is prescribed by the TCM in Taiwan

As a mere scientist, I am not an expert in the non-scientific Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I can quote scientific studies about her. Nowadays, we are fortunate that there is already a statistical study Yeh2014hdc that catalogs the practices of TCM in breast cancer phytotherapy in Taiwan. The Taiwanese TCM is also due to the fact that, unlike China's TCM, its traditions (communists) have not been interrupted. As we know, TČM uses both individual herbs and especially their mixtures. The TČM prescription is (as in our case) personalized, taking into account age, gender, possible pregnancy and other specifics of the patient. In Taiwan, the famous practitioners of the TCM also have MUDr. diploma, so they have the right to manage the oncological treatment in a comprehensive way. The Yeh2014hdc study says that the Taiwanese TCs are most often usedthese three individual herbs

  1. oldenlandie roztažitá ,
  2. bearded beetle ,
  3. Mongolian cremation

and these three herbal blends :

  1. Enriched Dissolving Powder - the most important blend in this indication
  2. potion of gold and tree - the second important TCH mixture in this indication
  3. enriched potion of the six noble ones , which is used for example in colon cancer

The Yeh2014hdc study says that by far the most common combination is an enriched release powder. Beyond it is a potion of gold and tree and a potion of the six noble ones, one of only a few of the less commonly used mixtures of this type of cancer (including the spleen potion , the potion to strengthen the center, and the increase in qi , the potion to overcome stasis at the headquarters blood , revitalization drink of a real person ...) The use of these less frequently used standard mixtures is related to specific conditions, according to the opinion of the TCM physician.

Regarding individual herbs, the dominant treatment in TČM for breast cancer is a few drugs of oldenlandie + a bearded beard . Instead of a bearded beard, a pharmacologically similar Baikal Shihak can be used if necessary , and Yeh2014hdc is also one of the frequently used herbs for this cancer. In the Yeh2014hdc study , this means the root of the Baikal Shihak . Other used various herbs (in addition to the aforementioned elite Mongolian) then Yeh2014hdc provides root sage červenokořenné , seed cicimku thorn , stem KALEDA , Astragalus root ,tuber tuber and root of the reed .

The herbal mixtures of TCM used in this cancer, of course, contain a much larger herbal herb, the most common of which (according to another statistical study, Lai2012ppc ) is the first place of the Chinese goats and the second place of the ginseng . There is also important glossy gloss and other sponges in cancer treatment .

TČM herbs and mixtures must be consumed in sufficient quantity

For most of our physicians and patients, the weight of herbs in the TCH mixtures may be unusually large. For example, one batch for the production of gold and tree potions contains altogether more than 100g of herbs, so a weekly dose for one patient weighs around 1kg. It is better not even an enriched release powder - one batch (ie a daily dose) weighs about 115g. Compared to the "powders" of our medicine, this is a huge amount, the consumption of which is already a discomfort to the patient.

But that's right. High doses of herbs are necessary not because the herbs are ineffective but because their effect is mild in nature. Most ingredients are nontoxic / adaptive. Most of their weight is taken up by cellulose, starch, polysaccharides, proteins and simple molecules. Even most of the active substances are mild in nature (flavonoids, lignans, mildly acting saponins, alkaloids, terpenoids and resins). Only a small amount of TČM ingredients form dramatic alkaloids and other substances. According to the MSW doctor's prescription, in serious cases of cancer and other diseases, the standard daily doses of herbs are still increasing to achieve a strong effect.

But why do not we clean them and reduce them to a few hundred milligrams? We do it deliberately, because in TČM we are also acting slightly . Pharmaceutical methods for cleaning and crystallization are known to TČM. But to limit toxicity, it chooses pickling, frying, maceration (in vinegar, lye, alcohol ...), just methods that preserve the natural texture and quantity of drugs. Drugs in natural form are beautiful too. The process of slicing and preparing potions is also aesthetic. Even the aroma of herbs and spices that the visitor breathes in the TČM center, unlike the scent of carbbol and Ajatin in scientific-type hospitals. About yin , yang , qi, fireplaces and TU M meridians not to mention. This process is not replaceable by band pharmaceutical production or instant information obtained from the web. And in the market environment of Asian herbalism, the observance of the natural form of herbs also substantially complains about their counterfeiting and quality scaring.

Which of the following is the reason for treating and preventing breast cancer? That we do not have to worry about moderate-acting ingredients present in a weak form or in a small amount to fortify them with a stronger form and a greater number of separately purchased herbs. One of the most popular herbal remedies against breast cancer, Mongolian cream , is available in TČM in the form of dried herbs ( taraxacion herba ) . Stronger than a dried bowl, however, the freshly available cream of dandelions (dandelions) or the heart of a dandelion served as a salad is also available. Edible are the flowers of the dandelion and its root ( taraxaci radix ). For the purpose of combating cancer, it is preferable to grow the garden in a sandy bed as a black root.

A completely practical, enriched release powder is available on the Czech market. You can buy it here: example 1 pdf (under the name " calming the wounded level " pdf) or here: example 2 pdf , or here: example 3 pdf .However, with regard to the needs of mammary carcinoma therapy, these preparations suffer from a quantitatively inadequate pharmaceutical form. See table:

number of pills 1 pill packing total price incl. VAT % daily dose daily dose (pills) daily dose (vials) the daily allowance
Example 1 100 300 mg 30 g 350 CZK 26% 380 3.8 1330 Kč
Example 2 60 300 mg 18 g 290 CZK 15.5% 380 6.4 1856 Kč
Example 3 200 180 mg 36 g 210 CZK 31% 640 3.2 672 Kč

Repeat the information in the table: For examples 1, 2, 3, the entire vial contains 26%, 15.5% and 31% of the daily dose. In other words, a daily dose would need to be taken in the range of 3.8, 6.4 and 3.2 vials of these products. Which, of course, must seem blatant, because eating more than one pill bottle is only used to us when committing suicide. But with an enriched release powder, the 300mg pill is actually totally ineffective. Even 10 such pills do not account for anything. Therefore, at least initially, you need to guide the TCM practitioner to believe that so much powder is actually swallowed by breast cancer. Many people are ignorant to take just 1-2 small pills a day, so the product does not work at all, not counting the placebo effect. These bottles are additionally overpriced - a daily dose will take you in turn at 1330, 1856 and 672 CZK. It is therefore preferable to provide these herbs in natural form,whether they are being powdered on their own (the TČM herbal kitchen powder is a commercially available electric appliance reminiscent of a metal-wall mixer), or let it be crawled by a pharmacist.

Herbs against breast cancer from the perspective of today's science

Breast cancer phytotherapy for 2019 is the same as for other cancers: That science plays a second violin in comparison with the charlatan TCE. That (if I may repeat it), today's science has for decades the theoretical knowledge of dozens of anti-cancer herbs, but can not even compare their efficacy or give any specific clinical recommendations for their use. Pragmatic TČM is the opposite. Though elevated over real physiology and biochemistry, she knows exactly what to prescribe. And her recipes, like the morsel, occupy. I could do long-term research (see colorectal cancer or cancer in general ), but now I know what the result will be: Science, despite the hundreds of publications for phytotherapy, does not do anything for breast cancer.Compared to traditional systems (TČM, Ajurvéda), science simply lags (is subculturally). And who wants to refer to this puffy or at least bold statement, with the remark "you can google too", I refer to Pubmed or Google Scholar . See yourself how the herbal publications about breast cancer are. And that 90% of them are equally based on TCM and Ayurveda.

PS: Well, I was quite vague: fenugreek , hailing , Alstonia , St. John's bacciform , long pepper or ganthoda , bark and fruit goji . Ayurvedic divoplod kidney , or East African elephant, tamoxifen , and once more the gallop and ginseng .

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