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7. ginsenoside Rb2

ginsenoside Rb 2

It is a damaran, protopanaxadiol panaxoside:

ginsenoside Rb2

R 1 = -Glc 2-1 Glc
R2 = -Glc 6-1 Ara (p)

  • In mice stressed by immobilization, plasma levels of interleukin-6 decreased. It also decreased in vitro the production of IL-6 from macrophages with epinephrine / norepinephrine. ( Kim2003iii )
  • Gssd. Rb 2 , Rd , Rg 1 and Re have a strong inhibitory effect on the production of TNF-α microglia-activated lipopolysaccharides. ( Wu2007deg )
  • Gssd. Rb 1 and Rb 2 suppressed TNF-α production in both mouse and human macrophage stimulated lipopolysaccharides with an IC50 of ~ 50 μM, respectively. ~ 25 μM. ( Cho2001vie )
  • It reduced the proliferation of mitogens stimulated by mouse spleen T H and B lymphocytes with an IC50 of about 25 μM and also suppressed their IL-2 production with an IC50 of ~ 13.3 μM. ( Cho2002gfp )
  • Protected immune cells (spleen in vitro) from damage by γ radiation . ( Lee2006ivr )

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