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Basil sacred ( Ocimum sanctum L.)

Scent Basil is one of the most important adaptogens of Ayurveda under the name Tulsi. It is also used in TČM. In addition, it belongs to the miraculous family of the Lamiaceae ( Lamiaceae ). Its content includes eugenol, rosmarinic acid, apigenin, myretenal, luteolin, salvin, β-sitosterol and others.

Recent reviews of the beneficial effects of the sacred basil are Cohen2014tos and Mondal2009sbs , according to which this plant has anti-inflammatory, cytoprotective, antidiabetic and many other effects. An overview of the antitumor effects of the sacred basil is Baliga2013osh . Adaptogenic effects of tulip seed oil are analyzed by Singh2007bao . The antidiabetic effects of tulips are documented by Suanarunsawat2016aaa , the effect against lipid imbalance in Husain2015aeo diabetes.

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