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Reactive arthritis due to pulmonary chlamydia

Hello, I got enough of your articles on natural medicine and I decided to write to you and ask for advice. I have been diagnosed with chlamidia and are making mischief in the joints. How do they face them when ATB does not help? Can you advise?

Regards, Petr

Hello. I am glad to get back to the questions - because of the unforeseen circumstances, I have been unable to answer most of the questions recently. From this you can understand that:

  1. Are you a man.
  2. Reactive arthritis , which is probably caused by chlamydia , is worrying about you.

You are not the first to ask for chlamydia. Chlamydia is difficult to treat. It is an oral streptococcus, Eppstein-Barr virus, or a mold in the 3rd and 4th interpersonal area of the foot - very common and usually not very virulent. But if we grab a bad strain or have an immune problem , we have a problem. I do not want to flatten chlamydia. Her problem is that she has to fight like a parasite. Its prevalence is by no means 100% and thus causes problems more often than papillomavirus or fatty tissue.

Your first-line antibiotics did not kill you. Father Nature would ideally want to get some fresh antibacterial. Unfortunately, this will not work. Not that they did not exist - we just do not know them. All I know is, for cases like your one, written in a separate article on chlamydia and its natural treatment . Once again, clicking on the link in the previous sentence will show you everything I can say about natural chlamydia treatment.

The Chlamydia trachomatis parasite, as you know, goes inside the cells and is therefore hard to destroy. However, if we could manage to remove it, we could concentrate on reactive inflammation of the joints . There are also effective adaptogens for this purpose. But until you get rid of the infection, it is of little importance that you are suppressing immunity by common analgesics such as corticosteroids and cyclooxygenase inhibitors as part of the palliative therapy of painful joints.

And finally: Do not be angry with the doctor. He is in the same situation - naughty chlamydia is a medical problem. The poor treatment result in chlamydia does not mean that the doctor is a poor doctor as well. If there are no other reasons to change it, you should continue to follow its instructions regardless of the treatment outcome and consult it also before any natural treatment attempts.


Thank you for your answer. In replying that I found chlamidia and creatures to be angry at my feet, you described another type of chlamidia. I have pulmonary and not sex. Is there any difference? Natural treatment options?
Thank you, Petr

The difference is. Pulmonary chlamydia is another species ( Chlamydia pneumoniae ). There is also a lot of similarities with Chlamydia trachomatis infection . I admit that there is no particularly effective natural whip on Chlamydia. Now I will respond to you in the light of what you are writing, without trying to predict whether this information will be further modified and refined by you. You must provide accurate information for the exact answer. That's why I always repeat that remote advice is only informative and only a doctor who sees you in front of you in the office has the right to decide on the treatment.

Short complement to pulmonary chlamydia

Pulmonary chlamydia is less scientifically researched than sex chlamydia. In addition, I specialize in adaptogens and these are generally not used to treat pneumonia and other infectious diseases . Nevertheless, I have already tried in the literature to find herbs with a possible antibiotic effect in chlamydia. What I have already said in the article on Chlamydiae sexually is partly for pulmonary chlamydia, except for ignoring parsley, creeping pine, and other only diuretic herbs whose main purpose in sex chlamydia is to flush the urinary tract. So with your new information, I do not add any new natural antibiotics. But I will add a combination of Coptis chinensis , Scutellaria baicalensis, Amyl cory ( Phellodendron amurense ) and gardenia jasminoides. This combination of TCM (Huang Lian Jie Du, quantitative 9g coptidis rhizoma , 6g scutellariae radix , 6g phellodendri cortex , 6-12g gardeniae fructus , put in 1 liter of water and Slowly cook to evaporate about 1/3 of the water) has a traditional use in pneumonia and even urinary tract infections. Liu2009ihj mentions this combination as potentially effective in suppressing the side effects of pulmonary chlamydia. This single study alone would mean little if it were not based on the traditional therapeutic recommendation of the TCM. However, this information, which I provide as a biologist, does not prescribe accurate dosing and does not serve therapeutic purposes. For the treatment of chronic infectious diseases by TČM methods, you will need to visit a healer (preferably a physician) who knows the TČM who will give you precise instructions for use with regard to your individual health condition.



| 10.2.2013

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