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Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a case of varicose veins (along with hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the esophagus , which is also dealing with here). Varicose veins arising from superficial veins of the lower extremities.

Veins normally operate with zero pressure or vacuum even with a pressure greater than about 10 mm of mercury in principle do not like. However, with our body height by hydrostatic leg when standing the pressure was about 100 mm Hg - like arteries. Defending with the two main ways: by avoiding upright (lying or sitting, preferably with podloženýma feet) and that do not stand still. When walking, leg muscles with the aid of the venous valves pumping blood from the legs back to the heart, thus avoiding an increase in venous pressure. Already after a short standing still, venous pressure in the legs grow automatically, even if you use compression stockings. Pressure stockings help only in that the venous wall slightly relieve mechanically. The least healthy is standing on the way to the castle guard - if we have to stand at least přešlapujme.

According to the individual disposition leg veins increased pressure more or less adapt their discretionary wall and likens the arteries. Permanent enduring pressure 100 mm of mercury veins but in any case does not indicate a time it happens that some weakened vein fails locally and spread to such an extent that they no longer weigh valve. This stops functioning venous pump, venous hypertension gets worse, fail more tabs and other veins in the area, like when diodes in series under full load and one burned. Inflammation and thrombosis, which we observe with varicose veins is an adaptive process by which our body tries damaged part of the blood circulation to remove. However, because the cause of the system ( high venous pressure ), will create new and novel varices until the problem is rectified. When things get to this stage, it is necessary surgery. Subsequent conservative therapy (drugs) are used to prevent further development of varicose veins.

For more information about varicose veins can be found on the web should be fellow MD. Štefanka .

Position the ginseng in the treatment of varicose veins

The healing effect of ginseng on the heart and blood vessels is well known: it is mainly a preventive therapeutic effect on heart disease , the antihypertensive effect of a protective and regenerative effect on blood vessels . The last time was partly explained his action against the inflammatory process leading to atherosclerosis . Effect of ginseng on varicose veins so far not examined properly clinically nobody, but this problem also have other venofarmaka (see Kikkawa2010ite , Ruegg1974tai ). The effects of ginseng on varicose veins at me first point out the people who tried it in practice. Below is an example for two of these cases.

Regarding the attitude of TCM and true ginseng (P. ginseng) and ginseng notoginseng (P. notoginseng) are recommended as a "means of improving blood circulation." Ginseng is a component of at least one Japanese patent intended for prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids , and as a means to treat varicose veins it mentions the popular literature ( Cruz2001lvv ).

Specific cases of disease varicose veins when ginseng helped

There are two cases of patients whose situation with varicose veins was serious, but after taking ginseng has stabilized.

A patient 32 years previously employed as a shop assistant, forced to stand long. Varicose veins she first began to build at the age of about 25 years in the legs and knees, the situation worsened in pregnancy. He was for two operations, wearing compression stockings. After the second operation began after long-term use of ginseng, a recurrence of varicose veins has occurred, even though she stopped wearing compression stockings.

Patient B: 52 years. Varicose veins plagued her for years, he has been on several operations. After 6 months of use ginseng to disease progression, according to her words completely stopped. The patient even after several years of healthy (to avoid further progression).

Preventive effect of ginseng on varicose veins and hemorrhoids also mentioned others who tried ginseng. Although such cases are not statistical evidence of effectiveness highlight the need to pay attention adaptogenům with varicose veins. I would add that the condition for the effectiveness of adaptogens is of appropriate quality and sufficient dosing. For ginseng, it usually means using high-quality 6-year-old ginseng ( about the dosage I wrote on another page ).

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