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Infectious mononucleosis with mysterious chronic consequences

Hello, my 25-year-old son received five years ago from one young mononucleosis, yeast, warts (condylomas), and then for half a year the virosis that left him for the fourth year of temperature, so that it is normal at night in the morning he gets up too, but when he has a small load, the temperature rises to 37.8, and when he falls, the temperature goes back to half an hour down to 37 - 37.2, so it's four years now day without change. Warm is more on the chest and under the arms, the hands and feet are cooler. This is a problem like people with fatigue syndrome (swollen neck, high fatigue, sudden hotness of the body and chest tightness). About three years ago, about three years ago, he was hurting him, and then he gradually found out that he could not have sex because it did not work, and it would probably be related to his health, but now how should he treat it all? The doctors simply do not know, and every practitioner concluded that his profession had found nothing to explain his problems. Of course, it does not work because it's not possible at temperatures 38, it's still as if the flu had no end. Please be advised, I will be glad to write to you.

Thank you JS


Unfortunately, as a result of the enormous workload to readers' inquiries, including yours, I get only after the semester. I'm sorry. Maybe I took more of myself than I can handle. However, your son is a chronic one, so I will try to answer him at my best, and I hope that my answer will not come too late.

Infectious mononucleosis

So when I take it from the beginning, yeah, genital warts, yeast, that's the way the ladies go. And infectious mononucleosis is an infectious disease caused by a virus that sooner or later will get virtually everyone. The Eppstein-Barr virus, once many millennia ago, apparently caused deadly viral leukemia. This virus has gradually learned not to kill us, and most of us no longer notice Eppstein-Barr virus infection - it is completely flawed. However, this virus has not yet reached the stage of full integration into our genome, so its evolutionary interests are still somewhat different from ours - therefore, as if they are flu , temperature, and people with congenital immune system disorder and various decaying tumors. Even the source as bad as Wikipedia tells us their names: Hodgkin's disease, Burkitt's lymphoma, tumors of the nasal cavity, lymphomas in the brain ... My relationship to the Eppstein-Barr virus is definitely very negative.

Elevated temperature

You know that I was doing thermoregulation in Karlovec under the leadership of RNDr. Jan Moravce's diploma? I just measured the thermoregulatory neurons in the hypothalamus, I killed a lot of rats for that. (But their lives may not have gone wrong because their bodies fed a snake from one of the zoologists living in the Viničné 7 building)

Body temperature regulation takes place automatically from the hypothalamus and the thermosensitive hypothalamus neurons respond to immune system commands, the fever especially caused by the immune hormone interleukin-1. Hypotalamus also retains the ability to directly register bacterial lipopolysaccharides, but it will not be your case. In your patient, it is either that the mute lymphocytes of the nodules release the interleukin into circulation, or have just that lymph in the brain, or directly in the hypothalamus. I can not say more because I have not looked too much into lymphoma. That doctors can not figure out anything, that's what happens with these immune shit.

What is your son?

The method of scientific clairvoyance (whether it will have the fingers of Apollo or Hermes is a question for Zdeněk Kratochvíl, our spiritual leader residing again where else than in Viničné 7, two floors under the former work of Albert Einstein) I concluded that your son belongs to that a small number of people who, due to congenital immune ... do not want to say immune deficiencies, because the Eppstein-Barr virus is a really unfair pathogen that makes a mess in the nucleus of white blood cells, has manners as a biological weapon even though he has not learned to kill ... wait , is it somebody else in an underground laboratory doing it: -) ... or did he tune in? ... it's not hard, you know ... just your son's immune system behaves in an ancient way and did not learn to communicate properly with bees of the type Eppstein-Barr virus and clean up an immune disorder. Maybe it's a mutated version of mononucleosis. You also have not specified the virosis for half a year. But I'm pretty sure that the cause of your son's problems is his unhealthy relationship with infectious mononucleosis. It might have been better for him if he had gotten her even as a child ...

The white blood cells of your patient simply crack in the crate and are at the brink of mugging. I also think that the Eppstein-Barr virus in your patient's body is not discarded ... what I think is practically certain because it survives even in asymptomatic patients, that is, all of us ... Simply white blood cells of your son can not keep it completely under control.

I probably will not help you

Unfortunately, this is a very bad situation that has little chance of improving itself and will probably only get worse. I would be laughing if the patient healed the patient from the time you wrote your query, but it will not. There are very few ways to change the behavior of your patient's immune system. The only positive news is that he has not yet died of lymphoma. This means that his case is not completely lost. I will try to give you some suggestions as to what to try, but they are just such shots blind, the result will be rather negative:

1. Unusual herbal therapy.

The goal of this therapy is to change something, try to push the virus a bit to the ground so that it does not seem to be completely incompetent to the immune system of your son, which could be brought to normal limits. It's half such a shotgun shot - the use of many herbs at the same time if some anti-disease does not take off - and half such a chemical bump into the crate, like in the movie Visitors. So nothing amazing, but for your son that means a temporary total revolution in the diet.

Try daily tea of 3g of blueberry leaves ( vaccinii myrtilli folium ), eat 20g of fresh garlic daily with a little cream, 10g of fresh young grated ginger ( Zingiber officinale , sauce or fresh ginger with meat, with liver or so) ginseng while taking glossy glossy gloss , do not save, they are effective antiviral herbs. With food we add turkey , again in a high enough dose (grams). The food will be "seasoned" with antiviral spices: Oregano , rosemary , coriander , fennel . Everything in gram quantities. Do not underestimate, they are some of the most powerful antiviral plants ever. Curcuma is the main ingredient of so-called curry spice, which is also very appropriate. Salads will be prepared with olive oil virginale or oenotherae biennis oleum oil. Antiviral effects also have aloe vera and other types of aloe.

Ginseng is an immunomodulatory adaptogen with a strong effect against sexual dysfunction , gloss is a highly effective anticancer agent , so far all well-known things. We'll take it for two weeks. After this time, we will start adding more herbs one day later. Antiviral mummified (I give thanks to Dr. Duke ): Medicinal pimp , heartbeat , bayalis , hyssop , hornbill , everything about 2g, licking for a short time. In addition, chicory (root) and purple chamomile (flowering flower or flower) can also be St John's wort , again all 2g, shoot from the shotgun. You just have to rush into the nearest good herbal store and throw them out there. In addition, the serpentine (cat's claw), the Brussels bureaucrats, perhaps the nations will soon be thrown with forks, so that it is meaningless forbidden in the EU to no longer ignore it.

We will also add dragon blood . Now it's up to you wherever you go. You can continue to expand the cocktail: a medallion , even 4g a day, a lemon curd , a creeping beetle and a kieselguhr . Additionally, juniper , edible make-up , honeysuckle, and golden overlay (golden rain) are available from antiviral herbs. Of the latter, not more than 2g a day, have some advice on the herb shop or you want a drug at a pharmacist who still has his honor and medication and prepares himself.

For even stronger effect, prepare the herbs as follows: Mix the mixture thoroughly and leave it for half an hour to leach in lukewarm water (about 200ml) to drink. Then lengthen once again in lukewarm water with the addition of alcohol - alcohol is better extracted non-polar fabrics, drink. Finally, leaven in the boiling water and drink the tea. This method for the preparation of antiviral herbs is recommended by Dr. Duke, who claims that the initial leaching in lukewarm water and alcohol prevents the loss of volatile antiviral substances.

According to your availability, take the taken mixture at the same dosage for about 2 months. If the illness does not improve at this time, you will know that treatment has probably failed. But if the symptoms improve, then it is your attempt and by mistake to find out which herbs do best to you. Even with a lot of luck, it can even make a permanent adjustment. I do not even have to say that the treatment of specific diseases must be managed by MUDr. a doctor who only has the right to a therapeutic error in our country.

2. Treatment with dirt of village character.

If you live in a city, your son should change the air for a treatment period (treatment attempt): Moving to a small town or village, such as relatives, and doing light agricultural work there only to the extent that his temperature did not increase much. Ideal is the care of livestock, fertilization, etc., in the early evening to sleep.

Duke's Note: The herbs will be saved and their effect will intensify if at least some of them will learn to learn and collect and prepare themselves. This is the case with blueberry leaves, garlic, growing spices and about half of the other herbs mentioned.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

If the above methods fail - and they unfortunately fail - there is another suggestion here: Visit the TCM Center. Just like me, here you are going to give me the crap of an absurd mixture of antiviral herbs, like MUDr. doctors do not get sick of your son or diagnose, let alone heal, even doctors have their wizarding practices and ingredients and will definitely make up your own nonsensical list of medicines that may take. TČM - these are not only herbs, but also potions of snake skins, bull balls, earthworms, cockroaches, loins, tigers and rhinoceros. Do not be too surprised if the prescribed herb mixtures from the TČM center show bate ( excrementum pteropi ) or an infection of a dead bombyx batrycatus ...

You see, I'm not the worst one yet. I do not have to say to you that, as a paramedic, I have only consultative voice in the treatment of diseases, whether viral or otherwise, and the treatment must be under the direction of MUDr. Doctor - The best able immunologist who will have an understanding of village dirt treatment. I wish a lot of success.


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