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Use of ginseng residue after leaching to tincture

Hello, when you prepare tincture, do you write that slices swell and have tincture in their own, that is, to shed the slices after finishing the leaching? Thanks for your answer. Alda

This is a problem that can not be fully solved by direct extraction. The problem of tincture soaked in elongated crinkles would, in theory, be solved by squeezing or using the Soxhlet extractor . However, it is still a waste of the cake because it also contains some insoluble proteoglycans , effective against flu and cold , which are released only by the effects of digestive enzymes after eating ginseng .

Crops can be fully utilized by adding to meals (eg soups). But if they do not like you, you will not have to waste such a big waste when you throw them away. The vast majority of active substances (mainly panaxosides ) pass into the tincture. Recipe we have tried - half-liter bottles of extract (that is, strawberry brandy), which we have prepared from 60% of drinking alcohol (diluted to 30% alk.) Have an excellent response among our friends with a significant over-demand.

The official benefit of tinctures is that you do not have to wait until morning or during the day before ginseng tea is cooked. As Prof. MUDr. Jan Slezak , with whom I recently met during his visit to Taiwan, is not harming a small amount of alcohol, but on the contrary, he benefits from his anxiolytic effect and the expansion of blood vessels. However, ginseng tincture will find use even when the social stream hurts us into areas of alcohol consumption in quantities larger than small (which I do not want to approve of). Panaxosides, with their anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on microglia, suppress hangover and reduce the number of neurons that die as a result of opiates. We can achieve the best effect by ingesting ginseng before drinking or by mixing ginseng tincture directly into the spirits consumed. I myself have once tried it on a several-day trip through the Trans-Siberian highway full of citizens of the former USSR constantly offering vodka, spitting and warning against fake card players. Ginseng has a neuroprotective effect on other intoxications with irritant effects on the brain (drugs, volatile substances ...).


... is it possible to use a tin of at least 40% alcohol, such as a guide, or perhaps a plum, which has about 52% or pure alcohol?

No, pure alcohol is not necessary, the water-alcohol mixture in this particular case is perhaps even better than pure alcohol. b.

Hello, in the production of tincture you write to make the ginseng lengthen for at least 14 days, what is the maximum leaching time, or can I lengthen until I have consumed the tincture? I have ginseng loaded in 2.5 dcl. Alcohol thanks for reply, Alda

Hello, Aldo, I'm glad you live, I get your mail right after the semester. The short answer is that keeping the corkscrews in tincture will not spoil anything in principle - even the whole ginseng roots loaded in a bottle of ginseng vodka are sold. Therefore, there is no functional problem with leaving the ginseng in the lye bottle until it is finished. But the slices may be shaken in the bottle by the time they shake, which may make someone feel unsteady.


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