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Problem with erection due to drug use?

Hello, I'm 26 and I have a lot of problems with erection because of my lifestyle during my youth (alcohol problems, sometimes lighter drugs) I abstain for 5 years but my private life is suffering from my inability to satisfy my partner thanks to very weak or no erection. I've tried various free-range food supplements like Clavin, Mac, etc., but without success, according to what I was looking for on the web site, we should help the ginseng root. I should ask you, could you advise me in what doses, how adjusted ginseng should I enjoy and what type of ginseng should I buy? If you have the time and the mood to answer and advise me, I will be grateful to you. Yours sincerely, Lada.

Hello, Lada,

ginseng has been shown to have a positive effect on erection, intensity of sexual arousal and fertility . Improved erection after ginseng is getting slower, but it is long lasting and is felt by most men who are ginseng at the appropriate dose. Intimate contact also positively affects the mental activation that ginseng brings. Finally, ginseng has neuroprotective effects and reduces brain and alcohol-induced brain damage .

As for your particular case, I would say it would be interesting or exceptional. What I'm afraid of alcohol, I've had the possibility of watching a few close-up cases at Prague's dormitories. The moment you are forced to admit that you have a problem with alcohol, you really have it. The students I knew did not want to admit it for a long time. If you really abstain for five years, I congratulate you. It shows your discipline and ability to move forward despite the obstacles. Cases I knew with alcohol, despite their intelligence, could not stop at the time.

Your low age and your unsuccessful testing of Clavin (= Chinese herb of arrowhead epimedium, Epimedium ) and "Maca" (= Peruvian Cress, Lepidium meyenii ) tell me that you may not even have a problem with the pudding itself, as is the case with older men. Epimedium grandiflorum is a well-known and effective herb of traditional Chinese medicine, which Clavin retailers deny as Peter Krista. I have not yet studied the Peruvian Squirrel, but I suggest there will be a problem in dosing. Another will be the case with the Andean Indian who, for lunch, eats 250 grams of Peruvian cherry blossoms as an attachment, another for you to try 250 Mg Capsules from Nature's Bounty. For ginseng preparations, this situation is the same - 250 or 500 mg tablets do not contain enough panaxosides to induce significant effects. Sometimes I do not understand what manufacturers are watching by selling such products .

Do not tell if you have been having your erection problems with your doctor. You do not know if you tried Viagra . If your usual remedies do not work, the cause of your erection problems may be in the intensity of sexual arousal or in the transfer of spasm excitement. It can be genetically induced or it may be related to the use of "lighter drugs" if you mean both harmless cannabis and amphetamines (pervitin, ecstasy, etc.). They say they can exacerbate the role of premonitated mono-amino-cerebral pathways for years, which are also responsible for sexual arousal and erection. Amphetamines weaken the mesolimbic and mesocortical dopaminergic pathway , whose activity is necessary to suppress boredom. The brain sees as "boring" every situation in which the mesolimbic / mesocortical path is silent. This normally occurs when something is already well known, and the signal from the memory center (hippocampus) suppresses the ventral tegmental area ( lisman2005hlc ) from which the mesocortical and mesolimbic pathway is emerging. But if you get a mesocortical run to burn amphetamines, then your brain will experience an ane - donia - it 's tedious to see everything that is boring, including handsome sexual partners. This is the exact opposite and the tax on amphetamine-related feelings, when we find everything interesting, including the most common situations.

Unlike many other "erection" products, ginseng not only strengthens the nitric oxide cascade in the blood vessels but also improves sexual excitement and mental fitness. According to my knowledge of mechanisms of action, the effect of ginseng should also be combined with Epimedium grandiflorum and Viagra itself (I have not studied the effect of the Peruvian cress). In your case, I would recommend taking a 6-year ginseng at a dose of about 5g a day for at least one week ( more about ginseng dosing and dosage here ). Erections should be improved on the following day and the full effect should be at the end of the trial week. Dose 5g is high enough to know if ginseng is taking in your unusual case, and the week is long enough to evaluate the specific effect of ginseng on an erection. If the ginseng does not even kill you, do not worry. According to the latest discoveries, the regenerative capacity of the brain is bigger than it once was. In healthy living, you have a good chance of recovering after severe damage.


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