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Natural drugs for hypertension.

Hello Mr Boris, I found your contact and articles accidentally when I entered the search engine: Natural drugs for hypertension, my Dr. prescribed me at a pressure of 143/100 Valsacor, after reading the side effects I do not trust him and therefore I am looking for another medicine that would help and harm me. I am a woman for 40 years, non-smoker, abstinent, I do not drink coffee, 164 cm, 88 kg, I am 4 months after surgery of varicose veins on the left foot, I take Dobice, surgery after thrombosis and Xarelto treatment for 3 months, I have had a swollen leg before surgery and I hurt a lot, I wanted to ask you if you would advise me to cure my pressure and my leg? Thank you very much for your reply, with regards to Mr. Martin.


ginseng definitely try, it can easily happen that it will take you. It would be rather low doses (2-3g a day) longer.

Otherwise, the plants with potentially beneficial effects on hypertension may be more, but unfortunately I can only talk about those whose effects I studied. I would like to combine in your case in the form of standard infusion with a bacon and a plum (or dried plum). If you want to go further, you can try adding a Japanese sedge (Ophiopogon japonicus) to the teaspoon.

Certain positive effects on blood vessels were also found in glossy gloss . However, quite honestly, while in ginseng and saddle I have a positive effect on the blood vessels , the gloss is a little smaller - the gloss can be very effective in hypertension or even very little, I really do not know. There are several publications on its cardiovascular effects, but the fungus is so popular that I would need more experience with it in this indication. I wish to mention it because it has significant positive effects in other areas. Good luster is expensive, but those who have to save it in lesser quality can get it cheap or can grow it alone or even find it in the woods. In your case, I would try 100% ground millet in a small dose of 500-1500mg a day.

Otherwise, Valsacor is valsartan, an angiotensin receptor antagonist in vascular smooth muscle (AT1). It is not, and I can not even tell, exactly what is going on inside your body, but as I say, the above-mentioned naturals have a general chance. Warning: I am not a doctor; my information is only indicative and can not be used to treat specific cases. Every change in treatment should be consulted with your doctor.


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