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86. ginsenoside Rf

ginsenoside Rf

It is a damaran, protopanaxatriol panaxoside:

ginsenoside Rf

R1 = H
R2 = Glc 2-1 Glc
R3 = H
R 4 = H

  • Ginsenoside Rf reversibly inhibits N-type neuronal Ca2 + channels and other types of high-threshold Ca2 + channels in rat sensory neurons to the same extent as opioids. Other pxsd. (Gssd, Rb1, Rc , Re and Rg1) Ca2 + channels almost do not block. ( Nah1995tcg )
  • In the mouse model, fat metabolism was regulated by PPAR-α receptors . ( Lee2006grc )

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