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Is there ginseng for women?

I have heard Ginshen's roots for women and others for men. Depending on whether the woman was biting or making tea. One lady, 50 years ago, said that one man who saw her in a migraine attack. He poured himself over her and brought her 2 pieces of ginseng root. And he talked about the male and female roots. One of them, according to sex, learns (this lady has gone through the rest of the migraine up to the last hour and remembers it to this day) and the other breeds tea by sex. Is it still true today? Thank you for your answer. H.


Folk creativity is great, so I can not answer the question in that exact form as you formulate it. It is clear, however, that trying to treat ginseng is not a mistake. Natural remedies for migraine have already been mentioned in another answer ( idiopathic jaw pain ). You may notice that their common denominator is just ginseng - the experience of the lady you are talking about would also indicate this.

Female ginseng

It is known that ginseng right is to chew women during childbirth to strengthen. But specifically, as a " female ginseng " in TČM , the plant is another, namely the Chinese deer . The gang seems to resemble the fact that he also has effects against inflammation and pain . The pitch is often used in herbal potions of TČM against painful menstruation and other menstrual problems. For example, one of these combinations includes, in addition to the jungle, the flavors of Chuanxiong ( Ligusticum chuanchiong ), Rehmania glutinosa , Paeonia lactiflora , and other ingredients .

Another option is that the words "masculine" and "female" in that man's speech denote the masculine principle of yang and the female principle of yin , also known as "hot" and "cold". The root of ginseng is yang , the red ginseng root is even more yang , while for example American ginseng ( Panax quinquefolius ) is more yin and the root of the ginseng right or the ginseng flower of the right is more yin than the root of the ginseng right. Scientists do not recognize science, as opposed to darker YM and Yang , but some of the latest publications show that there may be different proportions of the key active substances of ginseng, Panaxosides , whose counterbalancing effects are mutually balanced, and therefore the change in their ratio may result in The opposite effect on the one-which physiological parameter. And I've exhausted everything I can say about the "ginseng by sex" topic.


| 6.7.2012

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