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Problems of conventional medicines

Conventional drugs that are prevalent in our practice mainly Paracelsian not covered by this Web site. But people often ask me to compare them with adaptogens, or resp. Why are adaptogens better. Those answer is that I have been promoting adaptogens because they are undervalued in medicine. Had they been underestimated Paracelsian drugs (as it was in the days of Paracelsus), I would defend you. Definition of an adaptogen is just difficult - see comparison adaptogens and paracelsovských drugs . Adaptogens and generic medications have their problems, which largely coincide, because they are a manifestation of the natural market vendors struggle with the customer. This page is devoted to specific problems of conventional medicines. Adaptogens analyze problems elsewhere.

The diversity of commercial drugs are only apparent

The Czech Republic has officially registered more than 8000 medicinal products (see the database of the State Institute for Drug Control ). If there were no trade names and drugs are sold only by its chemical name would be on pharmacy shelves only 1500 - 2000 different active substances - just as many of them had been in the last 100 years allowed ( Phadke2005pps ). Among those there are large groups of agents acting on the same biological pathway and having the same overall effect. Allow me to speculate that if we looked at the common medications only in terms of impact on biological pathways, the range would be reduced and at 200-300 truly different treatment options. At the same time, we found that 80% of approved drugs acts through the 20% most commonly affected biological pathways, while the remaining 20% of the substances covered by the remaining 80% of the mechanisms. Seemingly plethora of drugs on pharmacy shelves is reduced to a substantially smaller number of treatment options, of which the vast majority of patients only uses a small subset.

Many common medicines have side effects

The core problem is that the most widely used of conventional medicines allosteric block or activate biochemical pathways that such action is naturally expected and can not cope with it. This opens the way undesirable effects. These conventional drugs work in the body much more change than the doctor wants. Suppressing symptoms ( inflammation , fatigue , pain, etc.) often achieved quickly and efficiently, but at the cost of disrespect reverse metabolic bonds. That is the principle of drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Examples allosterically acting conventional medicines are inhibitors of cyclooxygenase , i.e. normal " painkillers " (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, diclofenac, and others). Although often beneficial, these analgesics entire branch block prostaglandin synthesis, signaling molecules of the immune system. So silences considerable part of the immune communication and it is not clear what feedback yet energized.
  • Much more addictive analgesics containing codeine - Alnagon and its clones. Codeine in the body slowly turns into morphine and opium addiction causes.
  • Drugs that many people around me are destroying life agonists, GABA A receptors, known as "sleeping pills". There include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, zolpidem and hundreds of other drugs, including the European ethanol panacea. All alcohol acts on the receptor and it does not matter whether they are benzodiazepine and non-benzodiazepine. The liver destroys fewer, but they have the ability to destroy life as well as alcohol. Women per mole of drunken pills to sleep I personally met.
  • I feel called to also mention antipsychotics, such as olanzapine and haloperidol. These drugs have severe side effects that make it practically impossible mental functioning of the remaining healthy brain circuits fools who are prescribing. Their administration to healthy people destroy the mental health effects after discontinuation thankfully passed. For Fools completely ruined mental health are reassuring, but at the cost of somatic side effects such as constipation.
  • The anti acidity fortunately I have not yet met in person, but I know from the literature that are proton pump inhibitors - disables the entire biological pathway secretion of hydrochloric acid. Their biggest problem is the reaction after withdrawal - increasing acidity ( Niklasson2010dsd ).

The natural market vendors struggle with customer

Any good marketing expert knows that the only way to make money is to violate the competition rules. Promotional articles with health issues has lately been in scientific journals and major concern. It is not just articles appear throughout the advertising magazines. For example, Elsevier them famous in the last decade produced at least 6 . This phenomenon has caused public outrage, but I do not want it too negatively evaluated as commercial articles are not proof of Satan's activity. It is true that these articles tend to respond negatively to natural medicines, but what do you expect? Even my website is an "adaptogen" sells something - the idea that some natural remedies are a better substitute Paracelsian competition. I therefore remain a supporter of the market economy because the market struggle salesman and the customer consider it better than the market struggle Brussels salesman and customer.

| 27.8.2009