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Buerger's disease


I suspect Buerger's disease, a special inflammation of the vessels and vasculitis. I was intrigued by the text on your site about ginseng and its impact on endothelial renewal. I ordered ginseng genuine TaiwanTCM LIANG , slices and for the first two days I made tea from two slices, I would continue the next day with one slicing. Do you think that could be so? Should I continue to use ginseng? So far I have about 30g. Do you think my ginseng may have a positive effect on my disease? Thank you so much for the answers. Vladimír H.

Dear Mr. Vladimir,

I must admit that I did not know too much about Buerger's disease before I received your inquiry. From what I managed to study in a short time, it is practically clear that ginseng has a chance to help with this disease. I still have to warn you that the decision to treat serious illnesses belongs to the doctor and my opinion is only advisory.

Unfortunately, Buerger's disease can not be cured

If I understand this correctly, Buerger's disease is characterized by progressive thrombophlebitis (thrombotic vascular inflammation), which gradually clogs and destroys the bloodstream especially in the limbs. Under normal circumstances, the vascular bed has a high functional reserve, but it is gradually exhausted and when there are no backup vessels left, the limb finally dies.

Whether and how long that result can be affected by life. I have read, for example, that the time elapsing from diagnosis to limb death is much longer if the patient stops smoking. I have no doubt that cigarettes are already strictly forbidden by your doctor. So to extend the length of your legs longer, let me strongly recommend ginseng.

The potential of ginseng at Buerger's disease is unambiguous

The unexplained chronic inflammation , and especially the vascular, is ginseng one of the best possible choices. You may, as I wish, have known it myself. I would like to learn about your experiences and the development of your health. But, regardless of the subjective feelings about its effectiveness, I would recommend you ginseng in small or better, even larger doses in the case of Buerger's disease. The potential of ginseng at Buerger's disease is due to a combination of three factors:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect of ginseng
  2. Direct vasodilation, in particular by increasing the production of nitric oxide
  3. Improving the regenerative potential of the bloodstream

Clicking on the above points will take you to separate pages where I've already discussed these aspects more. This combination of three effects is something your regular anti-inflammatory drugs do not provide. You are most concerned about the regenerative effect of ginseng on the endothelium, the growth of capillaries, and hence the healing of wounds . But the vasorelaxation effect is also important: While nicotine leads to vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction), ginseng panaxosids are more likely to be released, and this is another reason why its regular use has the potential to slow Buerger's progression.

About dosage ...

The anti-inflammatory effect of ginseng occurs at low doses of 1-2g a day, which you took. The cytoprotective effect of ginseng is even strong enough to be seen even at very low doses of 200-400mg, usually found in ginseng capsules and tablets . Therefore, these products are not ineffective, but they have their potential against inflammation, headache , hangover , etc. Here, of course, we are talking about dosing of a directly sliced ginseng root such as TaiwanTCM LIANG.

As far as my recommendation is concerned, I would advise you to take the ginseng for a long time and increase the dose to about 5g a day to make sure that its effect on extending the viability of the vascular limb is maximized. You do not have to take it daily, it's not an antibiotic , it does not stop for a few days. It is rather a long-term average effect. It will make you cheaper than smoking and the Bureger disease procedure has the opposite effect. You can read about the preparation of sliced ginseng here.


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