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The difference between glossy glossy and glossy glossy FORTE

Hello, I would like to learn more about the difference between the effect of extracts and ground ganoderma and what it actually is like FORTE5x . I would like to compare the effects and the difference from the products that are on the market.

Hello, Doctor.

Excuse me for getting the answer right now, I had a vacation. As far as the glans (the name for ganoderma) is concerned, hundreds of scientific publications have been written about its anticancer effects . This is a great deal of scientific information that I am trying to write down in articles on specific types of cancer :

The difference between ordinary glossary and Forte

Forte5x is a lyophilized or otherwise dried extract of glans, which contains 5 g of dried high quality fruit (the selected parts of the hat are used for production), with the content of effective ganoderma polysaccharides in 1 g of dried extract. Another advantage is that in polysaccharide Forte5x polysaccharides are present in a more soluble form, more easily accessible to our digestive tract. However, I do not remember all the details of the process of producing Forte5x - I do not know exactly how the extraction takes place and I do not know what they use as a powdered vehicle if it is needed at all. The manufacturer himself recommends Forte5x, especially for cancer patients, convalescents who are afraid of relapse of cancer and those who have a family history of cancer and are therefore exposed to increased genetic risk. In my opinion, it would also apply to people exposed to radiation or chemical stress from the environment (houses with radon emanation, busy city streets, work in bars and passive smoking, industrial plants and landfills of chemical waste, etc.). common gloss is a cheaper alternative for relatively healthy people who want to benefit from preventive and generally adaptive effects. The dosage for both is the same, 3 capsules (or 1.5g) 1-3 times a day . High overdose is unnecessary, it does not have a proportional effect.

Comparison with other products on the market

When it comes to comparing products with the market, one has to look at the word "market". There are forces significantly stronger than the demand of the so-called ordinary consumer. If a manufacturer with a thousand-year tradition from the "market" disappears, no demand backs him up overnight. To be specific: Two weeks ago, I bought samples of cheap glosses from China. Their price (they were sliced dried fruits) was roughly 10 times lower than that of Taiwan. However, Taiwanese doctors of the TCM do not even "kick" such lashes with their wipes, they are laughing, they say "bu hao" (as it is useless).

In China, for the cultural revolution, the thousand-year tradition of the TČM was uprooted as a feudal rejoicing. Today, the Chinese are crunching, but the difference is about the same as the difference between the new Czech "capitalists" and those who were here 80 years ago. There has been no such luck in Taiwan. Taiwan is therefore the only country with uninterrupted TCM tradition. It has other benefits that make mushrooms produced here attractive in China itself and elsewhere. The mountainous environment of central Taiwan is exceptionally clean due to local climatic conditions. There is no need to worry about contamination, especially with heavy metals, which are a major problem in the fungi. Such quality in mushrooms grown in China or Europe can not be achieved and can no longer be guaranteed. The advantage of Taiwanese products is also a better genetic control of the starting mushroom material and greater honesty of the Taiwanese compared to the Chinese and nowadays even the Europeans. Mushroom genetics are particularly difficult, hyphae are often heterocaryotic and mushrooms have been genetically degenerated after several generations. In Taiwan, the project has been completed for shining glossy and related taxa and their genetics is intensively studied here.


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