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I want to try ginseng to prepare the body for varicose veins surgery

Hello, thank you very much for your articles. I have the following request to you. I have large varicose veins. I'm going to surgery in mid-November. I want to try the TaiwanTCM Liang ginseng for the preparation of the body for surgery, alleviation of postoperative difficulties, and prevention. Please do not hesitate to recommend dosage. Or do you think it is better to go to the center of the TCM and treat it with a mixture of herbs? I feel good about ginseng's contributions. Please for more information, thank you. David

Thank you for the praise of the articles. I try to write about things that really work and are little known. It is my personal experience (or my loved ones) that I have been prescribed ineffective or even harmful products with bombastic advertising, so I have my personal reasons for writing.

Your question concerns two topics:

1. Efficacy of ginseng against venous diseases and varices

In terms of dosing to treat varicose veins or varicose veins in general, ginseng should be used for a long time. I hate to tell you what you probably know, but the effect is not guaranteed. Varicose veins have different causes, and ginseng does not have to occupy all of them. However, the experience of the patients I knew is very positive. You can read about ginseng dosing on a special page. The varicose veins do not have to be high - these people usually take 2g of a quality 6-year ginseng in the form of ginseng radix rubra . But beware: Although you may feel relief soon, it takes months to repair the venous fluid.

Like men, I might recommend a larger dose of about 3g per day. Men are both heavier and male varicose veins suggest a relatively greater health deviation than the more common female varicose veins. Alternatively, a complete overview of patient-relevant observations of the effect of ginseng on varicose veins can be found on the page on its effect on varicose veins .

2. Use of ginseng in pre-operative preparation

In terms of pre-operative preparation, the operation is a burden and stress for the body to alleviate the ginseng as an adaptogen. It has extensive effects on the immune system and fulfills all the prerequisites to reduce the probability of postoperative complications . Asian MUDr. physicians administer panaxosides in both injections and clinical reports reports very good results ( Xia2005gcs ). MUDr. doctors in our country know about the benefits of ginseng relatively less, but ginseng is part of our pharmacopoeia. On the part of manufacturers of synthetic medicines, there is even a certain effort to make the effects of natural medicines in pre-operative preparation a little lighter, but I do not want to discuss it now.

In your case, I would recommend using 5 g of ginseng per day with omission on the day of surgery (without knowledge of your weight) for about 7 days prior to surgery (panaxosides do many dozen hours).

Regarding the visit of the TCM Center ...

In Taiwan or Japan, the answer would be unambiguous to visit. In the free part of Asia, TCM is a completely standardized field of medicine . In China and also in the Czech Republic, the operation of TČM is still in the development phase, although it seems to have gained popularity lately. At present, the quality of a particular TCM center depends mainly on its operators. One can only hope that the public will understand as soon as possible that the TCM (as well as the knowledge of our domestic herbs) are disciplines that have practical therapeutic successes and can be studied in parallel with Paracelsus' pharmacotherapy.

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