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Ginseng notoginseng ( Panax notoginseng (Burkill) FH Chen ex CY Wu & KM Feng)

Ginseng notoginseng (Panax notoginseng)
Ginseng notoginseng ( Panax notoginseng ) wiki

Ginseng notoginseng (chinese shi -ti , 田七, or san-ťi , 三七) together with ginseng is a true member of the genus Panax ( Wen1996pbp ). It is a separate species ( Panax pseudoginseng Wall.), Not Panax pseudoginseng var. Notoginseng , as it is sometimes mentioned (see taxonomy of ginseng genus ). Like ginseng, even notoginseng contains a large number of panaxosides, which are its main active ingredients.

Effects of notoginsengu

Notoginseng is a traditional Chinese medium, which according to TČM has two main uses:

  1. improved blood circulation and pain relief
  2. stop bleeding

These notoginsengu properties are realistic and make this plant an excellent means of preventing and treating heart and stroke. Notoginseng is also part of TČM potions for healing superficial skin injuries and scarring. It is typical for TČM that it does not understand the effects of this plant scientifically, but magically and mnemotechnically - notoginseng is said to act on the paths of the heart, the uterus and the liver, thereby supporting blood circulation throughout the body and suppressing the pain.

In contrast, scientific medicine knows that, in fact, notoginseng dampens the inflammation and the associated pain by acting on white blood cells and their immune communications. Notoginseng actually improves blood circulation, but not by acting on one or the other of the 12 drachmas that flow in the body through the life energy of qi , but by acting against vascular NO synthase to protect against atherosclerosis and to enlarge the blood vessels. Increasing the vascular diameter further contributes to the suppression of stabbing pain in the heart (called angina pectoris ) known to top athletes and people suffering from heart disease and coronary arteries.

Notoginseng therefore has the same effects on the cardiovascular system as ginseng, but according to TČM even more pronounced. On the other hand, according to TČM, the mental activation effects of the notoginsengu are less pronounced. To support blood circulation and prevent atherosclerosis, therefore, according to TČM, it is better to use notoginseng, whereas tonic is better to use ginseng right and American. Recently, too much attention has been paid to the significant anticancer effects of notoginsengu. From specific studies I choose:

Other effects mentioned: wound healing , immune , inflammation , neurotropic and neuromodulatory , vascular growth and regeneration , anti-aging , increased physical performance , anti-atherosclerosis , anti-depression , diabetes , varicose veins , stroke , antithrombosis ,

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