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Ginseng in the elderly - insomnia, varicose veins, pain in joints

I ordered a 70gr. Ginseng TaiwanTCM Liang. She gave me my daughter as a gift. I'm 71 years old, I ran a top sport. My husband died in 2010. I will describe very briefly my problems have long been suffering from insomnia; I can not sleep without sleeping pills. I am very active, because I left everything alone. Own a large dog house, I regularly attend training on health and physical education I have very painful knees are still stiff, badly bending. Own house, where a lot of stairs. Knees limber up the stairs for exercise and I have varicose veins and the addition of the sport (volleyball) - neck. Sorry for the long description of my illness. Therefore, the daughter decided that I will help you dopučený ginseng. Thank you Blanka

Madam Blanko,

for more extensive description of their problems does not apologize, on the contrary, their health and briefly describe quite completely the right way. Often we get asked which is much longer than yours, but that's most important, a medical condition, there is almost nothing.

As a former athlete peak you have the advantage that you realize the importance of proper nutrition. Ginseng is a clear case of your choice - from your daughter, it was an excellent gift. 70 grams you need is proven, to the extent to which you ginseng is able to help.

Your problems are chronic, the typical age , therefore taking ginseng if you should be mild and prolonged. The first 10 days I would recommend taking a dose of 2-3 grams per day. After this period, the effects that ginseng will you have, you begin to be noticeable. Then reduce the dose to 1 gram a day until your doužíváni 70 grams. Upon termination of use will be the effects of ginseng, if any, you feel linger for days.

When I take it from the end, cervical spine and stiff joints (knees) has ginseng chance to improve, whether it is a simple wear and tear, arthritic or immune / autoimmune response . You are doing great, stiff knees that bend without load, and that you go to practice. I usually knees limber up the stairs, which is not entirely ideal in terms of the locomotive. I'm all for people with mobility problems still I say that they should not forget also to swimming. From my heart I would like to see you with ginseng knees a little bit helped.

Otherwise, beware of fake drugs from pain: Wobenzym has practically no effect greater than Pankreolan, blocking COX ( ibuprofen etc., " painkillers ") again appear too short and in the long term, the real problem does not solve it. Concerning all those little glucosamine, chondroitin something hydrolysates as they are flying those ads, so they'll have better pharmacokinetics study, in a state before I say anything about them. The dog is positive, could be even moderately large, as a lover of cats also recommend a cat.

Varicose veins are in your age has a problem about something bigger. Since some patients (patients) I knew there is ginseng good for varicose veins experience, but it is desperately unexplored topic, so again, I only wish you luck.

Perhaps the most concerns me your insomnia, or rather your intake of sleeping pills . Shortening the sleep period is apparently normal in old age. I'm not quite sure. But it is necessary to have clearly realized that the so-called income. Hypnotics is extremely poor long-term solution (antiřešením) insomnia. To blame are essentially one layer of the pharmaceutical industry that this class of drugs they say hypnotics ( "soporific") and sedatives ( "uklidňovadla"), although they know that whether benzodiazepine or benzodiazepine, has this "sedatives" only on a single receptor - inhibitory GABA A receptor in the brain of the most abundant of all the receptors, receptor famous as drunkenness. Today hypnotikám except melatonin, should therefore be called "powdered alcohol". Not cure the cause, but allow patients to get drunk without their having to measure the way to dispense equipment. This hidden form of drunkenness, which in the urbanized world suffer from a few percent of the population (particularly women), has exactly the same as psychopathology pijanství common, with an unwarranted euphoria, physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms, including delirium tremens dreaded.

Keep this in mind and be sure to also read my article on adjusting the internal clock of sleep and wakefulness and the harmfulness of night lighting . To adjust the internal clock can be said to use melatonin, but, in principle, can take up to many days of regular use exactly the specified desired sleep time.

Sincerely, Boris

Dear Boris, thank you very much for your encouraging article. I have already ordered 4 dose, I think I completely calmed the stomach, headaches, agitation, total relaxation after the death of my husband (45 years, we lived together. I am now in the whole house alone and loneliness me ever getting to even though I am very active, I work out 2 times a week, daily 2x walk in the woods with the dog, yard work, and even to all financially tightened, selling cosmetics. I think it's my age a bit, but I do not complain. Just really a day are taking the sleeping behalf of Rivotril and about 17 hours. Cypralex and sometimes when the high sun and a lot of lights and half Stinloxu, but it really is exceptional, it is the only thing that bothers me and i can not get rid of it. Fear that i fall asleep. Council to hear more of your advice, which i believe as for ginseng. Sincerely Blanka

I am very pleased that ginseng helps you. To you it's amazing that all the time you move, you're still able to do something meaningful, to have the joy of life. You even have a proper diet. All that tops even today many younger people, just like you once prevailed in the sport. Many younger women are not able to understand the society in which they live, always looking for opportunities that do not exist and are not able to perceive happiness. But let on specific points of your letter.

GABA agonists: clonazepam (Rivotril) and zolpidem (Stilnox)

Rivotril (clonazepam) and Stilnox (zolpidem) are exactly what kept repeating: booze in powder form. It acts on the same brain receptors as alcohol. As an athlete, you surely know the basics of physiology and you do not have to explain what they are and their receptor agonists. Daily use of these drugs has the same psychological aspects such as alcoholism, their sudden withdrawal raises the same withdrawal symptoms as withdrawal of ethanol in alcoholics (in severe cases to delirium tremens). Pharmaceutical companies say it this way, because their aim is not to help. Of vydřeného then bribing government officials and the media, including medical journals. Doctors truth of GABA agonists and partly know, some of which are themselves the victims of these powders and advertisement. The result is that in the evenings, many people get drunk pills in the morning and then meet angry, grumpy and depressed post offices, offices and on the road. The same services are doing and caffeine (also leads to unpredictable depression ) and probably also antidepressants like your Cypralex. Voice rising a confident non-professionals, such as Radkin Honzák in his article " The fiftieth anniversary of benzodiazepines ".

Amplifier serotonin transmission: escitalopram (Cypralex)

Cypralex (escitalopram) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). That ordinary people will not gain much. Simply you can say that escitalopram enhances serotonin transmission. It also laymen say anything. So how do you say?

It is not easy. I'd be lying if I said that I know exactly what makes escitalopram. Moreover it does not even know its manufacturer, Lundbeck, which holds the patent on escitalopram. They know only that this chemical is good serotonin uptake blockers, as well as dozens of other, non-proprietary chemicals discovered decades ago. They know that on this particular they have ever since. 2001 patent and the only thing left to do is aggressive marketing. Ask your doctor why you have been prescribed just Cypralex and not another, cheaper alternative SSRI?

It is virtually certain that, like me, nor your doctor will know exactly why they should be SSRI antidepressant . Everyone says ... List of adverse effects of SSRIs is long, stands on it, anhedonia (inability feeling of pleasure), nausea, headaches and other nervous symptoms, suicidal thoughts and many others. Maybe you heard about John Virapenovi, a former pharmaceutical manager, who at the age of honestly admitting both in Sweden bribed professors to the Eli Lilly received permission to distribute the first pilulkového SSRI fluoxetine (Prozac). I, along with John Virapenem ask: How is it possible that a drug which is to remove depression as a side effect of suicidal thoughts?

Clinical trials can not be trusted, nor Medlajn, that I had to do personally. John Virapen once said that 80% of researchers in this area is uplacených or dummy. Maybe I myself could start taking these drugs on purpose so I could write about them from my own experience. Together with Sigmund Freud is a big fan of that, as a knowledgeable person I would most probably against drug addiction durable as well as resistant'm alcoholism and nikotinizmu :-). (Jokingly here is that Sigmund Freud himself inadvertently fallen cocaine and made a great shame before realizing his own morbid addiction :-))

I closed it so that drug companies know that the system monoamines ( serotonin and dopamine ) is a motivational centers of the brain. It is the site of action of amphetamines and cocaine ... Any working here Farmakon has a chance to conform to someone, even if only part of the population. (It is necessary for nicotine - for a small fraction of the people on the brink of schizophrenia drug and a huge relief.) When you develop a sufficient number of chemicals that affect monoaminergic system, it is clear that some will become box office hits. It does not matter if help patients, mainly that we have approved and that it sold. Such is the mentality of certain strata of entrepreneurs.

Why stay with medicinal plants

Simply because we have them for thousands and millions of years accustomed. Compare the likes of cocaine leaves with his mother plants coca (coca Erythroxylon). While crystalline cocaine is deadly addictive substance, coca leaves are safe - in their natural state, their addictive potential is very low (says Dr. Duke ). In Peru, the use and sale of raw leaf rudodřevu completely legal - used in herbal teas (for example to overcome altitude sickness) and chew to ward off fatigue .

Cocaine was a bit of an extreme example, but also less addictive SSRI antidepressants known in their natural and healthier equivalents. Valerian, lemon balm, St. John's wort, milk thistle , foreign Rhodiola , BAKOP, unkárie and many others.

Agricultural instruction: Each rake together rake

Like paying debaters promoting SSRI drugs, I have my goals. I want us as soon as possible to understand that a basic living commodities will again have to, as usual, provide own nature. What is packed into most containers and still gives as fruits latest technologies are often only fraud not only for drugs, but also in other areas, for example in automobilism . As the saying wise Czech economist, it is to our advantage that this kind of regime in Central Europe, is already well known. For example, Cuba and South America a few years ago from the need to extend the so-called fashion. Organopónicos - DIY vegetable and food gardens. We suffer from a lack of space, so we do not grow cabbage on balconies, terraces and abandoned urban parks, but we suffer inflation became apparent in the area of pharmaceuticals, which can be mitigated by developing personal and effective self-help gardens of medicinal plants. (By Pioneer in this direction include a garden of medicinal plants prof. Valíčka or so. Kotvičníková farm Ing. Stepanek ). The goal of our scientists, then it must be us natural medicines hitherto shaded antibiotics achievements of the 20th century, they made it possible to take their proper place in medicine.

Try to cultivate the garden of medicinal plants

Because you garden, I suggest you except cabbage also started to cultivate the above mentioned herbs (valerian, lemon balm, St. John's wort, milk ...) for their own use. Sam know which one makes you the best, and maybe with their help rid Cypralexu. Attention Cypralex should not be taken together with St. John, though works on the same biochemical pathway and its effects could adversely multiply. Furthermore, a few days ago, I responded to a question about a mysterious viral illness similar to mononucleosis . In response, I said a long list of antiviral herbs - this may be your first tip. Many of these species grow with us, but just when you need it is not: Woundwort medical (Stachys officinalis), Motherwort, skullcap Baikal, hyssop, Prunella vulgaris, chicory, lemon balm, zavinutka lemon, Ajuga reptans, makeup edible, Honeysuckle etc. When these herbs begin to grow, you may be able to repay more than your daughter that you gave ginseng. And you know what? Replace a cabbage rather completely purslane. Purslane is in the realm of vegetable record holder in magnesium content, also has a lot of calcium, potassium, beneficial carotenoids, and only one of the plants is a significant source of ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

With wishes of good health,


| 21.3.2012

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