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Problem with tinnitus and autoimmune thyroid inflammation

Hello Mr Boris, I would like to thank you for your site. I've had problems with tinnitus for about half a year, an unpleasant dizziness. I am 30 years old. I have completed a number of examinations, and no specific cause has been identified. After consuming lots of powders, recommended doctors and other expensive preparations advertised on the Internet and elsewhere, no improvement. On the advice of one older lady who had the same problem, I ordered 30g of ginseng Taiwan TCM Liang , with a little skepticism, I made a raspberry according to your instructions and probably after 4 days I was incredibly relieved. In my ears still a little buzzing, but headaches and dizziness are gone. I would be very interested in how the miracle worked for me, whether it treats only the symptoms or the cause I do not know. The only thing my doctors have come up with is autoimmune thyroid inflammation and enlarged lymph nodes ... Have you ever met someone with similar problems and just ginseng helped him? Thanks to Olina

Hello, Mrs. Olino

I'm sorry to answer after the holidays. At the same time, I congratulate you on breaking the record while waiting for my answer, which has so far attributed to one question about the effects of ginseng on diabetes . But seriously. I'm glad your ginseng helps. It is clear that tinnitus (whistling or "ringing" in the ears) is nothing more than annoyed brain neurons . Tinnitus often signals that a neuron (most commonly a hair cell of the inner ear) is just dying. In your case, however, the cause will be deeper in the brain than in the inner ear.

The cause of your brain problems

When I was reading your query, one word fell into my eye: autoimmune thyroid inflammation. That's what you call me everything. Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, or Hashimoto's thyroiditis, is inflammation and destruction of the thyroid gland for which the thyroid gland itself is not responsible, but your immune system .

He must consider how strict he will be to the cells of his own body. When he's not strict enough, he 's got cancer . When it is too rigid (or just fights), it may mistakenly identify useful cells as suspect and begin to destroy them . This is usually attributed to those cells that are rare and have special characteristics, such as thyroid cells or Langerhans' pancreatic islets.

The interpretation of your symptoms is easier than the interpretation of Joseph's dreams. Your immune system is stupid. Besides destroying your thyroid, it organizes repression against minority cells throughout your body and apparently has found at least one type of victim among your brain's cells. Your only good fortune is that the immune cells do not have to be in the brain, otherwise you would have a supernatant. Only microglia - a specialized type of stationary macrophages that do not go outdoors and lymphocytes only distant from the immune cells - is allowed in the brain. The only thing your annoyed lymphocytes can do is squeeze the brain microglia from outside to turn against the alleged internal enemy. The microglie is so divided between autoimmune propaganda and common sense. This is your tinnitus and dizziness - the restless microglia is still investigating some senseless accusations and harassing the neurons. Hearing and equilibrium neurons are the most sensitive of all brain neurons, even if the sense of movement uncorrelated with visual perceptions uses our brain as the first indicator of the danger of poisoning, and the necessity to turn around (with the bus not counting). No wonder that just tinnitus and dizziness are also the first indicators of a larger brain problem.

Why did he take the ginseng

In an article on the neuroprotective effect of ginseng I explain and extensively refer to the ginseng's suppressive effect on microglia activation. In healthy people it is mainly manifested by the fact that after the pit will be severely limited so called hangover . You experience the microglia under the influence of ginseng poop and the slight chronic inflammation of the brain you suffer from, after a few days, it becomes soft. The neurons relax and begin to regenerate.

Ginseng may also protect you from the progression of other partial manifestations of autoimmune syndrome , including dementia , diabetes , chronic rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatism) and many others. As to the question of whether I have already met a similar case, do you know that I just answered one lady with hypothyroidism ? She complained about high blood pressure , not autoimmunity, but I did have an autoimmune suspicion. These scenarios are too common. I also pointed out the link between metabolic syndrome and autoimmunity and obesity (if the obese did not tell me).

One thing I did not say to her - that autoimmune problems and allergies are to some extent also caused by the urban style of life, a combination of chemical pollution and isolation from natural, "village" dirt. In isolation from mud, soil bacteria, and natural animal human souls, the immune system discharges its energy into its own body cells, especially when they are surface-modified by molecules of urban smog. You may also miss the intestinal worms - these our special soups are suppressing the immune system and, in proper amounts, contribute to its normal functioning. Only some American burgers and tenkohlavci are medically approved, but those of us that I do not want to name may still be better in my opinion. He Talmud, with the healing effect of dust from the latrine, may not be so laughing. Again, I'm sorry if I'm next to the village lifestyle. In any case, you will get an authoritative advice from a doctor who only has the right to a therapeutic error in our country.

A lot of health with long-term use of ginseng, in which you should not slacken, wishes you


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| 1.9.2010

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