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Medicinal mushrooms

Healing sponges are a special and relatively little known group of natural medicines. The model healing sponge is Glossy Gloss ( Ganoderma lucidum ) known as "Reiši" or "lingči" ( Paterson2006gtf ), which also meets the definition of adaptogen . Glossy wood is a wood-cut fungus belonging to the Polyporales order. The miraculous orders of Polyporales and Hymenochaetales have several traditional anti- cancerous fungi used in our parts of the world ( Grienke2014emp ). These mushrooms can be found in nature, grown , or bought . I would like to emphasize here that almost all so-called Chinese healing sponges (including glans) grow even in our country, although they are not abundant. They are a naturally available source of healing effects for us. The scientific reviews of medicinal mushrooms are Zjawiony2004bac , Wasser1999tes , Ragupathi2008ewc , Han2009aie and others.

Some types of medicinal mushrooms

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