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Shrike ( Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi)

Baikal Shisha (Scutellaria baicalensis)
Shrike ( Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi)

Baikal Shihak belongs to the miraculous family of Lamiaceae ( Lamiaceae ) and has extensive use in TČM. Its main ingredients are flavonoids bajkalein, bajkaline, vogonin, vogonoside, oroxylin A, chrysin, apigetrin and others (see Li2011pep ). The main flavonoids of the genus Shihak are specific and are not found in other hazelnuts ( Zhao2016sfb ). Shihaku Bajkalski is similar in terms of substance to bearded bearded beetle ( Scutellaria barbata ) and other species (eg, the American sidewort , S. lateriflora ).

Effects of Baikal Shisha

Baikal Shishak is a typical adaptogen and has a wide use in TČM. For a systematic review of its effects, see the Li2011pep scientific review. Although Baikal Shihak has the potential for a number of civilization diseases, I would highlight three main areas of use:

Shishak is one of the most important anti-diabetic and anticancer herbs of TČM. Details and references as well as other effective plants can be found on the specific health issues listed above. Here's just so much that anti-diabetes is commonly used with Chinese koptis ( Liu2013aet , Zhen2011aec ). Interestingly, in animals (rats), it also improved erection disrupted by experimental diabetes ( Li2016bes ).

For anticancer effects, scientists are overtaking themselves in discovering new amazing plants and fungi until one knows what is actually the best. TČM, which is governed by its tradition, ranks among the 5 most efficient shirts. The Taiwanese TCM is predominantly used in bladder and bumble bee , as shown by the statistical studies Lai2012ppc , Yeh2014hdc and Chao2014ppc in breast cancer and colorectal cancer . The use of the hemoglobin in liver cancer (hepatoma) is devoted to the experimental study Kan2017sbd and also the first paragraph in the Taiwanese review Ting2015ptr . Statistics on the practice of TCM for other types of tumors are being worked out.

Regarding the other effects of the shishak, I would add that in order to prevent atherosclerosis, the shihak is also combined with the jasmine wardrobe ( Liu2014oab ). Shihak is a powerful antioxidant with a specific anti- inflammatory effect ( Yoon2009aes , Dong2015bil ) and allergies ( Jung2012aes , Shin2014pes ...), not only against the above-mentioned diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, but also for the treatment of respiratory infections ( Chen2017sba , Shi2016bsb . ..), intestinal problems ( Ribeiro2016ebg , Liu2015bro ), and hepatitis ( Guo2007ava ).

It is worth mentioning that the shihash has significant antibacterial effects ( Bozov2015aan , Qian2015sbb ) and also works against viruses ( Li2015aeb , Kwon2016aao ). Sissak also has nerve effects (against depression , Alzheimer's disease , possible nootropic effects and possible improvement in sleep ).

Shihak is a typical plant adaptogen

Baikal Shihak and other species of the genus Scutellaria meet the definition of adaptogen as it spreads its indications , as well as the fact that they do not have unwanted unilateral effects on the healthy organism. The harmlessness of high-dose shihas has been demonstrated experimentally by Yimam2016wro . Anyone who doubts the clinical validity of the cited scientific studies does not reject the unscientific practice of the TCM , which is run by millions of doctors in the world - bearded Shihah and bearded Shih are really the most popular herbs with a wide spectrum of indications ( Zhao2016sbg ) in TČM .

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