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Reishi mushroom shiny - Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst

(Also in Chinese: lingchi / lingči, Japanese: reishi / rejs)

Lingzhi mushroom fruiting bodies
Lingzhi mushroom fruiting bodies

Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst) is a model medicinal mushrooms . In the words of Dr. Russell Paterson - one of the leading European experts in the sponge - it lingzhi mushroom "a shining example of the traditional medicine of great significance to the Present" ( Paterson2006gtf ). The number of scientific papers about it now counts over 1200 and published results regarding the effects of the individual components are - in the words of the same expert - "very convincing". Paterson survey is the latest, but I chose it because of Paterson as European scientists can not blame irrational reverence for this fungus. Otherwise, the magic of TCM is Reishi valued more than ginseng , Chinese it is called ling-or - "mushroom immortal" .

Ganoderma lucidum kind is indistinguishable aggregate several related species , thus correctly is to write Ganoderma lucidum agg. In terms of content substances G. lucidum differs from other species of the genus Ganoderma containing triterpenoids (ganoderových acids and the like.) And specific polysaccharides ( Paterson2006gtf ). Even within the species G. lucidum triterpenoids specific content may vary according to the source to 3-fold ( Lu2012qds ).


Lingzhi mushroom is medicinal mushrooms with a large amount of content substances. It's a classic mushroom adaptogen with protective and curative effect, especially against lifestyle diseases . But Reishi most famous for its effects against cancer . Reishi has further application in biotechnology (decomposition recalcitrant waste chemicals, the uptake of heavy metals from waste, to prepare the straw to krmnému use in livestock production etc.).

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