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What's depression and how to manage it?

Depression is a part of everybody's life and its main symptom is what I call mental pain. Mental pain has many dimensions which can only partially put into words - anxiety, drooping spirits, dark thoughts ... Depression often accompanies mental stress and can occur when the tightness in the neck (called. Lump in the throat). It is estimated that depression affects approximately 10% of the population ( Cipriani2011dad ).

Reasonable depression is a normal part of our motivational system, and generally not dampen her aim but to deal with life situations that cause distress. But it is not always possible. In life there are irreplaceable loss and unsolvable situation. Entitled suffer from depression often terminally ill. In other patients, in turn, is the cause of their brain, which presents a normal living situation as bleak and hopeless. Depression related monoaminergic neurotransmitters, particularly serotonin , dopamine and noradrenalin brain. These receptor systems operate conventional antidepressants for depression, your doctor will prescribe. Prolonged depression has a further impact on the immune hormones, interleukins , and not conducive to disease resistance.

Effective and inappropriate (endogenous) depression

In my view, therefore, the most common depression is pathological, but the real cause is the vital problems of the individual, which no pill will not solve. It is necessary to distinguish between:
  • depression purposeful, rational, which is annoying but ultimately it is adaptive - increases the likelihood that properly respond to the realities of life
  • depression ineffective, which is unjustified

A special type of depression is inappropriate

  • endogenous (internal) depression - not connected at all with our objective situation, but it is a manifestation of improper functioning of the brain centers of joy and sorrow

Depression is part of the mental equipment of man

Most people in your life follows the well-predictable targets according to pre-established or more observation of procedures. They become members of their spiritual world. Just as physical inflammation affects the part of the physical body, depression refers to the part of our spiritual world. Depression is the most likely rational if it falls into the following headings:

  • disability
  • family loss
  • relationships
  • Labour and social use
  • Policy and Science

Physical inflammation appear before the infection or damage . Depression will come when gradually or suddenly realize that our plans in this area have no chance of success. At the beginning of depression occurs in the brain to shut down the mechanism of hope that allows us to ignore other obstacles. Feeling of hopelessness problems in the area highlighted and psychological pain forces us to create a new strategy, better suited to achieve satisfaction in this area. Suddenly emergent unsolvable problems (eg. The loss of a child) can lead to decompensation - mental breakdown. Depression generally makes us think better, but when decompensation and mental breakdown leads to cognitive impairment.

And depression can be mistaken

Like smog, chemicals, and separation from the natural environment (ie. Rural dirt) causing undue inflammation ( allergies , autoimmune diseases ), as well as the emotional level puts today's world of man unnatural demands, resulting in depression can be counterproductive. Unnatural factors spiritual environment is becoming more and more, and together form a toxic environment that significantly increases the frequency of dysfunctional behaviors including pathological depression:

  • disruption of circadian rhythms by artificial lighting
  • addiction (alcohol, drug addiction etc.)
  • lack of exercise
  • excess passive entertainment: television, internet, video games ...
  • inappropriate social environment
  • dysfunctional life strategies are derived from the screen

Even if we manage toxic aforementioned factors resist spiritually healthy people need to be happy too meaningful goal in life. And it is no easy task. If we have a sense of your life as challenging as Jarek Nohavica in the song Museum, we are left to become depressive artist and envy those who the lucky enough that they will listen, do not talk back, folded his maturity, raise some kids earn enough money and in return they will ride on a large roundabout.

endogenous depression

The endogenous depression talking when the patient experiences mental pain without external causes. In other words, endogenous depression patients suffer regardless of the positive and negative events in his life. It is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters (mainly serotoniniu and dopamine). But be careful! I totally unreasonable depression always presents itself as rational - a process called rationalization can always find a reason in the real world, though the actual cause is inside our brain. A good psychiatrist must therefore be a wise man who during several sessions to gain insight into the patient's life, she becomes his friend (technically this is called gain rapport), and also understand what the patient does not understand itself. Until then has a chance to distinguish rational from a depression with antidepressants to treat depression ineffective.

Commonly prescribed treatment for depression

The standard medical treatment for depression using two main methods: psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. While the correct therapy can be extremely beneficial drug limping. Synthetic antidepressants have several problems, especially side effects. These include tricyclic antidepressants, serotonin uptake blockers (SSRIs), monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors) and other substances acting on serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. I consider it preferable to natural antidepressant, in which the good doctors today focus.

Besides antidepressants (whether synthetic or natural), the depression also promote oral supplements containing neurotransmitters and their precursors (mainly phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan). However, it is common ingredient of daily diet, so you need to take these supplements for me is debatable. I would prefer this category recommended melatonin, harmless body's own neurotransmitter. Melatonin administered at bedtime helps to stabilize the cycle of sleep and healthy sleep, as is known, is the cornerstone of treatment of depression (see article axle cycle of sleep and wakefulness ).

Natural and natural ways of coping with depression

Coping with practical, rational depression is to address the causes of sorrow. It is natural to rational depression dip and plans adjusted so that they were not based on illusions. This process can greatly help an experienced psychotherapist, or generally good and smart friend. Life situation that caused the depression is sometimes impossible to atone - for example, the loss of a close friend or incurable illness. For these cases, there is no general recommendations. Finding the meaning of life in a tough situation the work we each must ultimately do it alone.

Among adaptogens with effect against depression include ginseng (Panax spp.) And other more or less adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms mostly inspired by traditional recipes, and our Asian medicine. The advantage of herbal preparations is that soothe and improve concentration, but unlike conventional antidepressants interfere with our thinking ( Sarai1994mde ). Of course, I'm not saying that every natural ingredient adaptogen is 100% natural antidepressants opium, cocaine and marijuana among adaptogens definitely not. It would be better small amounts of alcohol, but he can be recommended only for people with no propensity to addiction. Attention! Depression is one of the main risk factors for alcoholism, so when it would rather not experiment with alcohol! Once again, the depression has to feel and resolve, not drown in forgetting how he said TR Field. Black Reality is almost always better than an illusion offered by intoxication.

Ginseng counteracts depression and improves concentration

Ginseng stands out among the natural antidepressant. It has antidepressant effects but not euphoric ( Ong2015peg ). It does not induce the state of pleasantness, but reduces fear, anxiety, improves concentration and makes it easier to solve problems in real life .

  • Ginseng saponins showed a positive effect on the mouse model of depression. ( Chen2014aeg )
  • Ginsenoside Rg 1 in mice served antidepressant and to improve regeneration of nerve cells at doses of 20 mg / kg intraperitoneally ( Jiang2012aeg ). Similar results were obtained in experiments on rats ( Zhu2016grr ).
  • Gssd. Rb 1 in chicks at doses of 0.25mg / kg - 5 mg / kg proportionately performed antianxiety and had a nootropic effect. ( Churchill2002npg )
  • Gssd. Rb 1 and compound A had a positive effect on the model of menopausal depression in mice. ( Yamada2011iai )
  • Gssd. Rb 3 worked antidepressant in several animal models. ( Cui2012gre )
  • Panaxosidový aglycone 20 (S) -protopanaxadiol had animals antidepressant effect comparable to fluoxetine. ( Xu2010sag )
  • The acidic fraction of ginseng polysaccharides at 100 and 200 mg / kg p.o. showed antidepressant and anxiolytic effect in mice. ( Wang2010aea )
  • In a clinical trial of 35-up of patients red ginseng significantly helped in the treatment of depression. ( Jeong2015ekr )
  • American ginseng was a mouse model of anxiety found soothing at 50 and 100mg / kg p.o. comparably with diazepam at a dose of 2.5mg / kg. ( Wei2007aes )
  • Ginseng notoginseng was an animal model of an antidepressant effect and affect monoaminergic system. ( Xiang2011aem )

There are also publications that say that ginseng has an antidepressant effect ( Kuribara2004aes ).

Standard TCM combination Antidepressants

  • Pansita swinging a standard mixture effective for depression ( Elalfy2012nad , Bo2010coc ). It's a powder mixture 30 g subway pinelie trifoliate (Pinellia ternata), 15 g citron (Citrus medica), 15 grams medical Magnolia bark (Magnolia officinalis), 15 g pornatky coconut 30g young ginger and 15 grams shrubbery perilla (Perilla frutescens). This mixture was taken after 5 g three times a day.
  • Kan mai ta cao is a mixture of anti-depressant, which is in Chinese medical texts known from the 2nd century AD. Its effectiveness is documented by several studies. According Jun2014hmg could act on the receptor system of glutamate, NMDA, norepinephrine and serotonin. It is a powder mixture 16 g of licorice Chinese , 19 g cicimku Date Fruit and 65 grams of wheat (Triticum) about roasted. This mixture was used in a dose of 3 g per day.
  • Shen Yuen kan is a mixture of anti-depressant consisting of saponin extract, ginseng and oligosagaridů narrow-leaved milkwort (Polygala tenuifolia). A murine model of depression showed the mixture at 100 and 200 mg / kg, antidepressive and nootropic effects comparable to fluoxetine at a dose of 10mg / kg ( Sun2013aem ). Similar results were obtained in a rat model ( Sun2014aem ).
  • Xiao Cai hu tang is another TCM blend against depression, whose main active ingredients are the root Šišák Baikal , ginseng and licorice Chinese . The effect of the mixture was confirmed in a mouse model and molecular assays. ( Zhang2015amc )
  • San Yuen san TCM is a mixture containing ginseng saponins, fish oil, and valerian (Valeriana officinalis). Its antidepressant effects at dose levels of 225 to 900mg / kg, confirmed by a study on mice. ( Yan2015aes )

Other adaptogenic medicinal plants against depression

Positive references exist on sage ( Hamidpour2014cpm ), lavender ( Dwyer2011hmo ), skullcap Baikal ( Lee2013cab ) Chinese licorice , Oregano ( Mechan2011mri ), curcumin from turmeric ( Alkarawi2016rca ) dehydrozingeron of ginger ( Martinez2014aad ) eleutherocok ( Jin2013aea ) and Chinese quince lahvicovitý ( Zhao2008dti ). Of neadaptogenních Plant mention mildly toxic Hadinec ( Sayyah2006prd ). I shall refrain from listing neadaptogenních narcotic plants, even though they inhibit acute depression. because it is used to treat depression generally can not be recommended. The exception could be part of betel morsels - a betel pepper (Piper betle) and betel nut (Areca catechu palm fruit), which demonstrates antidepressant effect Peng2015aca . Interestingly I mention narcotic kata edible , which acts as some synthetic antidepressants and also has its side effects.

In the realm of fungi (Fungi) is documented antidepressant effects scarce. For example, in Cordyceps sinensis was antidepressant effect via the dopamine system is detected in a mouse model ( Nishizawa2007aec ), in the fungus Xylaria (Xylaria) used in TCM were also found activity against depression ( Peng2014esw ).

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